Assistant Google Arabic version gets other advantages and 15 countries new

Added Assistant Google the advantages of S Arabic version of it and widen the spread to 15 new Arab state.

مساعد جوجل النسخة العربية يحصل على مزايا أخرى ويصل 15 بلد عربي جديد

Within the conference, which was organized in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, announced the company Google about the several advantages of add the Arabic version of her assistant and bring him to 15 countries new. To be able to millions of users in the area of skills Assistant Google Smart.

The company announced in its conference, today, that the voice assistant will be the United Arab Emirates, Yemen, Palestine, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Iraq, Libya, Algeria, Tunisia, Jordan, Lebanon, Mauritania, and Morocco. So after that provide the plugin for the first time in the region this year in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

Offers a voice assistant many advantages to the users, where it can alert the user or contact a specific person from your contacts by saying “Ok Google, call my brother” or “Ok Google, wake me up at seven”. It can answer a lot of questions without having to search for it, for example, can answer about the distance with the airport when asked “Ok Google, what are the fastest ways to the airport”.

It also provides an atmosphere of luxury and leisure many times, where can during his request to listen to a joke or a song and many others. Nurses in this plugin and the updates that we receive, it is his ability to understand accents different Arab after that were a hindrance in its development.

Google says that more than half of searches are done via mobile, so want to provide the maximum benefit through their services such as Plugin.

As determined by the company, The her assistant became able to differentiate between the Arabic words that are similar written in characters, thanks to artificial intelligence techniques and dealing with the language, which is a complicated thing. For example, will be able to Plugin to understand if the word “contract” is eye-opening in the sense the agreement between the two parties, or fracture of the eye and the sense chain of the neck.

This capacity with the Arabic language will become the assistant to Google friendly on smart phones for users in this organization if you will.

Here is a list of the most frequently used commands Assistant Google, according to the company:

  • Call
  • Play the game
  • How’s the weather
  • Wake me up after 8 hours
  • Why is the sky blue?
  • What is the name of this song?
  • Filled songs of Fairuz on YouTube
  • Take a selfie
  • Tell me a joke

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