Assistant Google begins launch of a new feature to facilitate the preparation of lists and notes

I think users of smart phones on the use of a number of famous apps to write notes and prepare their own menus, and in the context of the Google quest to strengthen the capacities of Assistant Digital Google Assistant, announced during the annual developers conference Google I/O 2018 that will allow users to choose the services their favorite for notes and lists and make it default, i.e. you, in case I said to the Assistant: “add eggs to shopping list”, it will say by default added to the application menus that you choose.

Now the company started the launch of this feature in the demo version of the latest from the Google app, as it shows within the tab “services” Services in the settings of the Google Account new menu is the “lists of notes” Lists and Notes. It includes the digital assistant this feature as a “try on your feedback and some sync with those services”.

And with that, Google intends to support a number of services famous for notes and lists, such as and todoist, and anylist, and Todo, and of course, the Google service is Google Keep, but that feature is currently not supported but service Keep, in addition to another option, which is None, i.e. that the digital assistant will say sync your services with any service.

Within the Department of Notes and Lists of new, noteworthy that this feature will available for all smart phones and tablets that run version 6.0 and later of the Android system, in addition to computers Chrome book.

One of the advantages of using this feature in access to the lists directly in the path of Google as a result of the inline. Users can also “View List” on the full screen as a web application and then add new elements to the lists or to remove the current, as you can see the menus and other notes.

What do you think about this feature of Google? Do you see it useful? Let me know in the comments.

The Assistant Google begins launch of a new feature to facilitate the preparation of statements and notes have been published first in are.

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