Assistant Google has become better at taking notes on your behalf

Added company Google further updates to her assistant intelligent voice Google Assistant on the smart phones and smart speakers smart, and relate those updates to take notes, so I got the plugin for better support to create lists, notes, and search within the file of podcast by subject, the sites more closely with third-party apps also.

This support includes apps such as Google Keep and and AnyList and Bring, which allows the user to follow all what it needs better, according to the instructions of the Google, the user to the tab “services” in the settings of Gmail Assistant, then choose the correct application from the Department of “notes and lists”, on the assumption that the application installed on the phone.

He has also gained the plugin on smartphones the ability to share photos through voice commands, once the results of Google images on the screen, the user can choose the images they want to share and tell the assistant to Google to send to one of the contacts.

The screen smart display of a Google Nest has got last fall on the share feature images that appear within the digital photo frame device or in the voice search results.

Google explained the possibility of conducting research on the files of the podcasts by topic using the voice commands within its digital, so that this feature is available for English speakers on the devices help the Google in all over the world.

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Referred to as the giant of the sea has begun to embed Files podcast in the results of the engine by the country in the month of August, and her voice is able to advance to recommendation Files podcast.

This and track updates, the new collection of previous updates to the assistant of Google, including the ability to set reminders for family members, the Assistant Google faster phones Pixel the smart, and a deeper integration with G Suite for business users.

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