Assistant Google now supports sending messages via online

Can Assistant Google Now to send messages with the application Line.

مساعد جوجل يدعم الآن إرسال رسائل عبر لاينAssistant Google now supports sending messages via online

An assistant Google the “Google Assistant” is a way appropriate to deal with your phone when your hands are busy, especially when driving or cooking, where the Assistant can send messages across applications, virtual and third-party applications, such as WhatsApp and Viber there and.

Today, supports Plugin the ability to do so with the application of Line-rich from the definition, which will allow users to stay connected with friends without touching their device, andall you have to do is to ask the plugin to “send a message across the line” or “read my messages in line”.

Then will the plugin retrieves new messages from your notifications and read them out loud, which can be useful when driving or in case of busy your hands doing something.

Finally, this add-on is now available only in English and Japanese, and supports group conversations or even make calls, unlike WhatsApp which can assistant of trafficking in persons through it.

Download Application Update Online on Android.



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