Assistant Google up to smart screens

Screen smart from Lenovo

The new platform going to Google, putting her smart is smart screens after the proliferation of large on smart phones, personal computers, and even smart watches.

Announced Google on its cooperation with the giants screens, LG and Sony and audio company of the prestigious JBL, as well as Lenovo on the development of intelligent monitors which are devices containing the touch screen and headphone sound can provide assistant with Google intelligent a lot of things of interest to the user.

As the attached video to understand that the assistant Google on the smart screens can display Weather, Maps, and even photos Google and videos from YouTube and play music and also make video calls and many others either through voice commands or touch.

Will these smart screens that you intend to mentioned companies launched Android Your for internet of things devices Android Things, is expected to begin those screens to availability later this year.

Aim Google of this step suitable for Amazon and its Echo, the Show that thinks the screen of the smart can do the same things mentioned with the control with the smart home via voice assistant Alexa.

It is worth mentioning that Lenovo has already revealed smart screen, called Smart Display’ offers the same concept here, but the entry of a company The size of Google and her assistant advanced, means that such screens will become part of our daily lives in the future even be fixed in place within the organization perform jobs that can be done via smart phones.



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