Assistant Google virtual supports you in determining the location of parking

Brings Assistant Google the virtual one of the tasks that support the drivers of the car, where the helper can google that supports users phones landed in the Specify the location of parking the car automatically.

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Named Assistant Google default drivers car, often while driving, only that the feature to locate the row the car was spotted again the day after to publish in leaks from Android Police previously.

Can for Assistant Google Virtual that supports the user in determining the position of parking the vehicle on the map, where the plugin works default to determine the location of the vehicle according to date record of the location of the user on the phone landed, where it will be on the user’s guide a activate plugin virtual and direct the question to locate the car.

It also can store the location of the car manually and also for later reference, except that the auto-save for parking the car would be more in support of sure many of the users.


I know of

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