Assistant Google Voice supports the Arabic language finally

Depends Assistant Google Voice is the best and most prevalent among aid smart, and even though he presents himself in tens of different languages, however, since its inception was smiling about Arabic language support before launches today Google’s new update named it with Chinese simplified language.

Arabic is one of the hardest languages to understand for the techniques of artificial intelligence, not because of the structure itself but because of the multiplicity of terminology for the same things and accents on a stretch of the Arab world, and therefore it is difficult to understand all the tone completely different. Except that Google Voice will start to support Arabic on what it looks like which will the most common words between Arabic dialects.

Definitely won’t be a plugin integrated 100% in everything so far, but Google no doubt will improve with time, especially with machine learning intention he will be engaging in plugin with Arab users to understand the language Greater.

It can be said that the presence of this voice assistant in a new look, with Arab help in strengthening the presence of the aid of household and smart home Pixel easy.

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