Assistant Samsung smartphones occupy the first place in two competitions for artificial intelligence!

No longer use our smart phones only to make calls as in the past, but smartphones have become an essential part of our daily lives, in addition to the development of terrible that has happened in the programming of smart phones especially in the field of add, aid smart.

And all the smartphone manufacturers which has developed the personal assistant of its own, to add more sophistication and features advanced artificial intelligence to help her profile and make it embedded in their phones to make more rapid deployment.

On top of these companies find the Korean company south of Samsung, which fired her personal assistant bixby Bixby for the first time at the end of 2016 with the launch of the phone is Samsung S8 .

No users satisfied with time for the basic features provided by the new assistant, but the company remained committed to the development of the assistant continuously pushing it to the users using the button at the side, on all leading smartphones.

In early 2018, Samsung announced that her personal assistant has become a product to use between phones and the company will focus in the following days to develop it and make it a plugin first, to outperform the assistant Siri offered by Apple and plugin Google set cement provided by Google.

And now it seems that Samsung promises began to move, where he was assistant Bixby the highest score in the two competitions the second to participate in them recently, two quiz TriviaQA consisting of questions and answers are extremely complex and vehicle are required of the personal assistant to understand questions and provide answers short and understandable.

The second contest is MS MARCO is assigned a personal assistant to search for specific data through search engines, and has been assistant Samsung ranked first in both competitions, two.

Certainly this is an important step in the history of the assistant Samsung smartphone, and that augurs well for the future more sophisticated and intelligent with assistant Samsung Baker.

Share with us your opinion about your experience with assistant Samsung and they told us what missing.

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