Astronauts can enter in giberson during the trip to Mars

Science fiction fans — your time has come again. This time scientists from the European space Agency (ESA) offered to put astronauts into giberson during the upcoming mission to Mars. Yes, just like in the movies about space travel. According to experts from ESA, the astronauts who will go to Mars, can be immersed in prolonged sleep, to prevent fighting during seven months of flight and to avoid consuming resources. As reported by The Telegraph, Professor mark Mackanin, senior researcher ESA believes that the Agency is seriously considering the possibility of placing astronauts in a kind of giberson. Animal experiments already carried out.

The colonization of Mars may be worse than many horror movies

Obsession red planet

In 2001 the European space Agency has established a programme “Aurora” with the goal to eventually send humans to Mars. Currently, ESA is planning to send Rovers to the planet’s surface over the next five years, and people have to step on the surface of the red planet in the middle of 2030-ies. In other words, very soon. In addition to the ESA mission to Mars in the next 10 years and the establishment of a penal colony for 50 years is going to implement the head of SpaceX Elon Musk, and NASA undertake the first manned mission to a neighboring planet. Given these plans, it is not surprising that experts are seriously considering the different options first in the history of our species travel to other worlds.

The prototype Starship spacecraft company SpaceX

Recently we told you about the dangers that await future colonists — from cosmic radiation, which affects the brain, until, perhaps, the obvious fact, which appeal to many skeptics of the colonization of this planet, on Mars there is nothing to breathe. And this is not to mention the problems with a safe landing — we will remind that on Board the spacecraft Starship, launched earlier this year, the company SpaceX Mask, should be not less than 100 people. However, all of the above — not all. The ESA researchers have conducted experiments to dip the animals in the long sleep. Seven months is a real artificial “hibernation” and the question is how to make it safe for humans. One of the main reasons for this decision is the need to conserve resources, including food. And yet, there are a number of ethical issues in these trials people who agree voluntarily to go to sleep for seven months, not fully understanding how safe is it? In the end, giberson requires lowering the temperature of the body, along with the reduction of oxygen consumption, etc. More news from the world of popular science look at our news Telegram-channel.

What would be a trip to Mars?

And yet, let’s try to imagine what the reality may be a journey to Mars. According to Professor Maccarana, we have to overcome enormous physical and psychological barriers, before the astronauts go on an extended space journey. The results of earlier studies have also shown that microgravity impairs bone structure, vision, gene expression, and cosmic radiation not only destroys the brain but can cause cancer and dementia. Pretty grim the picture is, isn’t it?

Perhaps the loud statements of entrepreneurs like Bezos and Musk based on the fact that they do not take into account the numerous factors that may affect the flight. Just to fill space ship pizza is not the solution to all problems. Imagine that on Board the spacecraft is 100 people a couple of hundred cubic meters. No one can guarantee that for 7 months of mission, they are not satisfied with the “the hunger games” and will not kill each other. Moreover, the results of studies the health of astronauts who spent on the ISS a year, is not encouraging — their immune system and orientation in space has been seriously disrupted, and the muscles weakened. Besides, when the astronauts return to Earth, then fall into the caring hands of the doctors. And the arrival on Mars will not be exactly welcoming.

I can only imagine the condition can be future astronauts. Before you frame from the film “interstellar”

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Moreover, even if the colonists reach the destination, what about the radiation environment on Mars? Some studies have shown that once on Mars, the probability to get Alzheimer’s will be 50%. In other words, space travelers, hardly survived the flight on a space ship and lost more than half of the crew for seven months, may simply not remember who they are and where they are. And if someone of them will get lucky and Alzheimer’s will pass them by, do not forget that even the most mentally stable people can change dramatically when they are in isolation for a long time. It’s not the best story for a truly chilling horror movie?

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