Astronomers have found a real planet Vulcan from kynoselen Star trek

Astronomers of the University of Florida reported the discovery of this extrasolar planets, which by its characteristics is very similar to planet Vulcan appeared in kynoselen “Star trek”. Exoplanet discovered with a telescope Dharma Endowment Foundation Telescope (DEFT). Object is a super-earths, and is about 16 light years.

Published on the website of the University of Florida press release reported that ekzoplaneta revolves around a sun-like star HD 26965, also referred to as 40 Eridiana A. interestingly, in kynoselen Star trek the birthplace of one of the main characters, Spock, Vulcan is the second planet of the system 40 Eridiana A.

“Vulcan is the home planet science officer Spock in the original “Star trek. Spock was serving on the starship enterprise, whose mission was to search for new worlds. Same mission and our project,” says study co-author Dharma Planet Survey Gregory Henry.

The source reports that the size of the public object about twice the size of Earth. Complete revolution around its star exoplanet makes for 42 days. At the same time discovered the Volcano is at its most optimal point of the so-called zone of habitability.

The researchers found that the star HD 26965 only slightly cooler and smaller than our Sun. They are the same age and have identical cycles of magnetic activity. According to scientists, despite the high surface temperature, discovered exoplanet can be habitable.

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