Astronomers in Tibet caught a powerful signal from the crab nebula

Scientists of the joint Chinese-Japanese experiment Tibet ASgamma recorded with a powerful burst of cosmic gamma-raysever observed from astrophysical source. Researchers believe that the cause of this phenomenon is the interaction of energetic electrons with the cosmic microwave background radiation – residual radiation of the Big Bang.

The strongest signal from space

Astronomers explain that the radiation source is the crab nebula. It is located 6,500 light-years away in the constellation Taurus and is the remnant of a dead star SN 1054. For the first time this star has been described in 1054 ad. Hence the name. The people of that time saw in the sky a very bright supernova explosion. As a result, this event was noted in the official annals of the Chinese song dynasty, as well as the product of the Japanese the XII century poet Fujiwara Teika.

In the experiment, the researchers observed the nebula with the different types of electromagnetic waves. These observations showed the presence of gamma radiation in the range from 100 to 450 teraelectron-volts (TeV). Previously, the highest energy gamma rays ever observed on Earth, was 75 TeV. It is fixed with the HEGRA telescope.

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According to the website the experiment ASgamma Tibet held in Tibet since 1990, at the height of 4300 meters above the sea level. In 2014, the Chinese-Japanese team of scientists have updated the equipment, adding a very sensitive radiation detectors. They are able to suppress up to of 99.92 percent background noise of cosmic rays.

Setting Tibet ASgamma

The scientists added that in total the crab nebula was obtained 24 signal. And they were all with energy above 100 TeV and low background noise. The greatest energy emission was 450 TeV.

Why is this discovery important?

Detection of cosmic gamma rays with power above 100 TeV is the key to understanding the origin of cosmic rays very high energy. They remain a mystery for astronomers since their discovery in 1912.

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