Astrophysicists have discovered one of the fastest stars in our galaxy

According to astronomers, most stars slowly rotating around the galactic center with a speed of 100 kilometers per second. However, this rule there are exceptions. Over the past few decades scientists have discovered in our galaxy of 20 superfast stars. The latest such discovery is the object PSR J0002+6216. The speed of its movement is 1130 kilometers per second or more than four million miles per hour. Enough to 6 minutes to get to the same moon. According to astronomers from the us National radio astronomy Observatory, who opened it, when you save these dynamics, in the distant future, the object will escape from our galaxy.

At the moment it is one of the fastest discovered stars in our milky Way. The results of the observation object is published in the journal the Astrophysical Journal Letters. A brief press release about the opening is on the website of the National radio astronomy Observatory.

The object PSR J0002+6216 (J0002 for short) is a pulsar – a type of “dead” neutron stars left after supernova explosion. It is located in the constellation Cassiopeia, is about 6.5 thousand light years from Earth. Unlike most similar objects it is not inside the remains of a supernova or in a relatively clean area of open space and close to the cocoon of an exploded star.

This unusual feature of the “dead star” made the American team of astrophysicists under the leadership of Dale Freila detailed study of the pulsar and the cloud of hot gas of CTB 1, located approximately 53 light-years. The first data and images from the VLA radio telescope has brought a lot of interesting and unexpected discoveries.

Scientists have found that PSR J0002+6216 moves with incredibly high speed — 1130 kilometers per second. For this indicator, it is second only to star US 708, which is also located in the milky Way. Its speed is 1200 kilometers per second.

On its trajectory, astrophysicists were also able to establish the age of PSR J0002+6216. Pulsar appeared in the center of CTB 1 is approximately ten thousand years ago when the progenitor has exhausted the reserves of hydrogen and helium to sustain thermonuclear reactions and supernova exploded.

According to the team of American astrophysicists, this observation once again questioned the assumption that only supermassive black holes can eject stars from galaxies.

As noted by Dale, the original pulsar was moving slower than the expanding cocoon of gas it gave rise to the supernova, then the rate of expansion of gas and dust rather quickly decreased due to interaction with the interstellar medium. Under assumptions of astronomers it happened about five thousand years ago, what can talk big, bright “tail” left behind a pulsar, after his release from the cocoon of a supernova.

What causes these stars to become space outlaws? According to one of the assumptions to such incredible speeds they are accelerated due to the gravitational interaction with the supermassive black hole at the center of our galaxy. According to another previously these stars could be in the so-called close binary systems where both stars are very close to each other. During the transition one of the stars in supernovae of the second can literally eject from the system.

Frail with colleagues hope that further observation and PSR J0002+6216 will help to determine the exact cause that led to the release of the pulsar from the milky Way.

“We still have a lot of work to figure out what’s wrong with this pulsar. In addition, monitoring will help to better understand the internal mechanisms of the appearance of supernovae and pulsars themselves,” added Frail.

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