ASUS announces first laptops with 240Hz and the size of 17.3 inch

The company announced the Asus today during a conference Computex for the year 2019 of the first laptops allocated for the games, which come with a screen 4K AMOLED characteristic size is 17.3 inch in each of the two Strix SCAR III, وHero III at the rate of update frames up to 240Hz.

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Comes device ROG gaming the new Asus screen 17.3-inch quality display of 4K UHD, as they come to the highest refresh rate of the frames 240Hz, where the technology supports the screen the finer details in the games with the presentation of a well-proportioned featured super-fast.

It is planned to support the screen and the speed of response of up to 3 milliseconds, with a refresh rate 240Hz, to support the possible games where a company offers live demos at Computex display quality and display 4K UHD screen computers Strix SCAR III, وHero III.

As Asus is also the hardware of the possible rate of update of the tire 120Hz fast response 3ms choice another users, to support devices the colors of the Adobe RGB 100%, also supports hardware HDR, with a special offer in 4K UHD, which supports innovative content and two players with the same efficiency.

Also scheduled to come devices Strix SCAR III, وHero III of the new by a screen up to GeForce RTX 2070 from Nvidia, to support the best gaming experience with frames inside width of well-proportioned featured in vibrant colours.

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