ASUS announces ROG Zephyrus S thinnest laptop dedicated to gaming

أسوس تُعلن عن ROG Zephyrus S أنحف لابتوب مخصص للألعاب

The company revealed ASUS for laptop new on behalf of ROG Zephyrus S dedicated mainly for the games, according to the company, the device will be exclusively for sale through the Amazon store, as it appears that there are two versions of the devices vary according to a simple internal gear.

Comes device Zephyrus S with a processor third generation of Intel Core i7 hexa-Core, Next to the RAM size of 16 GB, and internal storage space of 512 GB, in addition to the Processor graphics GTX 1070 Max Q from Nvidia.

ROG Zephyrus S

Speaking of the machine, it comes with a 15.6-inch screen at a speed of 144 Hz and speed of response in less than 3 parts respectively and accurately Full HDـ but it’s surrounded with very small to prevent the device design, better show the screen in full.

Will device ASUS the new price 2,199$ and will be available exclusively at the beginning on Amazon on August 31, but can say that there is a version cost less by about$ 100 of the basic version, but they contain processor graphics GTX 1060 lower than the first, and the internal storage space of 1 TB which is greater than the first version and will be available to everyone in mid-October.

ROG Zephyrus S تصميم

The design of the device, then the structure its mix of aluminum, magnesium, plastic, and the keyboard is at the forefront of the lower half of the device, in comes the touchpad mouse button on the side and not in the normal way for the laptop – maybe to facilitate the process of playing them sometimes.

The special thing about Zephyrus S compared with a copy of the previous series is the fit on the cooling system the best and from the greatest so, as it has a lighting system of orders on behalf of the Armoury Crate, basically, without having to get it from external parties.

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