ASUS launches updated Android oreo 8.1 for ZenFone 3 Max

Promised ASUS in last August that they will bring Android update oreo 8.0 to Series phones Zenfone 4, Add to the series Zenfone 3, which has been launched in 2016, has fulfilled the Taiwanese company back most of its phones.

Now ASUS release update Android oreo 8.1 smartphones series ZenFone and start the phone, ZenFone 3 Max which carries the model number ZC553KL, which was launched two years ago received the update to Android direct 7.0 a year ago.

It should be noted that the phone ZenFone 3 Max, unlike the other phones in ZenFone 3, including Zoom, Deluxe, did not receive an update to Android oreo 8.0, which means that the phone moved from Android direct 7.0 to Android oreo 8.1 directly.

As expected, the update to Android oreo 8.1, which holds the version of the program 15.0200.1807.406 brings the phone advantages that come by this version of the Android system phones, besides upgrade the phone to the ZenUI 5.0.

Do you have a phone ZenFone 3 Max description of the update? We shared your experience in the comments.

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