Asus offers update Android Pie phone users ZenFone 5

The company announced the Asus when update Android Pie phone users ZenFone 5, where the company has published a download link to the update on its official website.


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Company Asus has indicated the financial period to their plans to launch update Android Pie for ZenFone 5Z in January 2019, except that the update of the Android Pie phones ZenFone 5 began to spread to leaks on the internet, prompting the company to announce the availability of the update through a secure link for installation via the official website of the company.

It is planned that this update is in line with the model ZE620KL of the phone only at the current time, where the user can know the number of the phone model ZenFone 5 via a move to the phone settings and then choose About from there to the Model number.

Also available system update for Asus ZenFone 5 for download via the company’s official website just now, so if the phone model is selected the user will upload via the site directly, i.e. the update is not available via OTA, it also comes update size 2 GB, also to include update protection and repairs of your phone.


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