ASUS reveals hardware VivoBook S14 وVivoBook S15

The company announced the ASUS today from a couple of laptops VivoBook S14 S431 / S432 and VivoBook S15 S531 S532 two of the category of ultraportable, and comes both with ASUS ScreenPadTM 2.0 touch screen, characterized by brilliant colors unconventional, as to the metal structure of these devices comes with a stylish design touch unique, each one comes design detailed ErgoLift hinge for comfortable typing it.

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As for the company comes the design NanoEdge in both devices, which comes with four aspects of the role of the framework, which makes the dimensions combined with some more, and gives you a great viewing experience, where the proportion of screen of the chassis is about 80%, as these devices processors Intel Core i7 processor, cards graphics NVIDIA GeForce MX250, with storage space of 1 TB ultra-high-speed PCIe SSD, it also comes with a camera for the infrared (IR), and also supports Wi-Fi 6 (802.11 ax).

It is worth noting that no device VivoBook S14 and VivoBook S15 are the first laptops from ASUS come the cops the second mini ScreenPad 2.0 touch, which aims to provide a better experience and easier to use, and this tablet operating system ScreenXpert, come the size of 5.6 inches, and included a series of auxiliary tools such as Quick Key, the handwriting to enter text and numbers, as they contain the interface to resemble the interface of smart phones.

As for the design, then all of the VivoBook S14 and VivoBook S15 the structure of the metal thin too, and comes both in a variety of colors, including: Moss Green, Punk Pink, Cobalt Blue, Transparent Silver, and Gun Metal, as tends to design these devices to attract the younger audience, this series also is the first in the range VivoBook characterized by the presence of the logo VivoBook on the cover, as that the weight of the computer VivoBook S14 1.4 kg, the laptop VivoBook S15 from there it is about 1.8 kg, which makes it suitable for people who travel a great deal always.

Provide screens NanoEdge framework for thin up to 5.2 mm, which provides a better image for work and play, as detailed ErgoLift provides a more comfortable typing experience, as for the feature Wi Fi 6 (802.11 ax) that supports a network with a capacity of 4X to assess the response time by 75% reduce the time to transfer videos and big 4K.

As these devices support Windows Hello, which allows users to activate their laptops and log in to the system simple.

Come devices VivoBook S14 with a processor of the second generation of Intel with a screen 14-inch LED‐backlit FHD 1920 x 1080 wide angle of 178 degrees, or for disaster screen:
Comes model S431FL وS432FL disaster screen NVIDIA GeForce MX250 while the S431FA وS432FA comes with the graphics card UHD Graphics 620 from Intel, RAM 16 GB with modular storage 256GB / 512GB/ 1TB PCIe SSD operating system Windows 10.

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