Asus review its own concept of color and computers “Motherboards”, future

أسوس تستعرض مفهومها الخاص للوحات الحواسيب "Motherboards" المستقبلية

There is no doubt that Computex is the focus of attention of all manufacturers of computers and components of the interior, and the exploitation of this opportunity of the Asus was perfect to review its own concept may boards Motherboards of the future project its Prime Utopia in an attempt to identify new architectural rather than the design of the Intel architecture ATX that needs this center for more than two decades.

Where he presented the Asus Prime Utopia as an incubator of the new office and computers in a beautiful way and with a touch of the future can not be ignored with giving a powerful performance great attention to in accordance with the design, in version MotherBoard Asus put appropriate accessories in the back of the left with ample space for additions of graphics cards and tablets storage, etc in accordance with M. 2.

The Asus transition to implement the internal components of smaller size continued to evolve to where the company developed imagine to replace the appropriate entry multiple in their arrangements.

One of the things that lend a touch of the future purely on the company’s model is fit on the OLED screen measuring 7 inches that can display multiple resolutions and shed light on the performance of the internal components of the computer as well as the performance of the propellers “Hydra Cortex” source of the Asus itself to be checked at each of them separately.

Although the model is interesting and full of the updates is important but it is not an alternative at present for the design of Mother boards of Intel’s ATX, which proved effective since its inception in 1995, and that the problem of availability of ingredients, the chips were manufactured the transition and the growth model directly is a major obstacle due to the lack of readiness for such a step by the company, which means we won’t see this color applied at a time close to say the least.

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