Asus unveils desktop Zen AiO 27 the advantage of charging other devices wirelessly

أسوس تكشف عن الحاسوب المكتبي Zen AiO 27 بميزة شحن الأجهزة الأخرى لاسلكيًا

Announced the Asus Taiwanese company for the latest computers, desktop Zen AiO 27 , which comes in an integrated and budgets advanced, as it comes built-in with touch screen special measuring 27 inches and accurately 4K, as it brings wireless charging feature built strongly 7.5 watts with Qi.

And the Asus wireless charging feature built in the device so that in the base case and on the availability of charging smartphones that support wireless charging while you work on it with ease.

Contains Zen AiO 27 Intel Core i7 second-generation “Core i7-8700T” next to the graphics processor NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050, as well as the RAM memory 16 GB with storage disk is 2 Terra bytes beside 512 GB of memory, PCIe SSD, which is what makes it powerful hardware specifications compared to a standard desktop PC available in the market.

Speaking of ports, it has a separate rapid transit Thunderbolt 3, the next 3 ports USB 3.1 and USB 2.0 port, and the outlet internet, in addition to an HDMI port to export the content and import content, which means that you can view device data on the other screen at the same time, can convert the device to external monitor.

Supports the Asus device the assistant sound Alexa of the Amazon, in addition to the cameras IR, support Face recognition technology to Windows Hello found in Windows 10.

Recall that the device is currently available for purchase priced at 1,999$.

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