Asus unveils her phone fierce custom gaming ROG Phone 2

As was revealed Asus today announced the second generation of the series phones ROG Phone custom for the games which were detected for the first time last year.

Phone ROG Phone 2 came a monster breaking a company Asus is all what you expect from the hardware in the world of phones that includes the inner gear and acoustics, battery, and even things that pertain to games.

The phone comes in a new version of Qualcomm’s flagship Snapdragon 855 has been renamed Snapdragon 855 Plus with a frequency of up to 2.96 GHz with 12GB RAM and 512 storage memory type UFS 3.0.

Or hand the screen says phone screen type OLED size of 6.59 inches accurately QHD+ refresh rate 120Hz with 49 MS at the second response rate to this very fast as compared to 87 case s 10 and 85 on the OnePlus 7 Pro as you say Asus.

Protects the phone also cameras double back first accurately 48MP and the second accurately 13MP, which is good for not intended to and phone also Camera selfie accurately 24MP.

The phone runs Android 9.0 raw without adjustments and a huge battery the size of 6000mAh supports fast charging technology 4.0 from Qualcomm is strongly 30W where you can charge the 4000mAh of battery during 58 minutes, while you need to an hour and 20 minutes to fill the battery to 100% and Asus that the battery is enough to play the game PUBG famous for 7 hours continuously at the highest resolution.

Provide ASUS a lot of other things like fingerprints inside the screen and hear two stereo with a separate 3.5 health and a new technology to prevent your players shaking strong in addition to accessories and custom applications for the games ( see picture).

Why moving company for the price of the phone and on the dates of the markets.


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