Asus unveils laptop ZenBook 2019 a secondary

Not laptop ZenBook Pro which was launched last year very good, but it was one of the most important features is the second screen the ScreenPad, a screen similar to the screen of the smart phones which replaced the mouse pad traditional.

Basically, work the second screen the ScreenPad much like smart phones, where they repaired the Asus interface buttons Union and the list like style of Android, it was easy to enter and exit the screen mode to the basic function of the color tracking for mouse.

Recently, the company launched the devices ZenBook version 2019, in sizes 13 inch, 14 inch and 15 inch, all characterized by processor Intel Core i7, but has fashioned 15 inch processor graphics Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650 Max-Q while the other models come with a processor graphics MX250.

It was one of the biggest complaints in the last year is battery life. You Asus now that they’ve redesigned the screen to the secondary along with improved internal components in the laptop in addition to the introduction processor graphics separately to assess the battery consumption, the company says that the battery of the new device better 2.5 times from your past year, a period running up to 9 hours with the use of the secondary screen.

The device comes with up to 4K, along with random memory up to 32 gigabytes of address space, and there is a button Turbo Fan dedicated to increase the cooling and memory internal storage 1 TB with Port support external memory, and laptop running Windows 10 supports a suitable Thunderbolt 3 USB-C and USB 3.1 and HDMI standard in addition to a separate speaker.

The company has not disclosed the price details and launch date until now.

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