Asus unveils laptop ZenBook Pro Duo screen my 4K

Don’t miss manufacturers to match the portable Computex in Taiwan to ask the weirdest of their products, and here Asus have a laptop with a screen 4K as well as computers portable and other space Touch Mouse screen touch colored.

Let’s start with the computer ZenBook Pro Duo which comes with two 4K displays, the first is the normal screen which we all know and accurately 15 inches by the length to width is 16:9 and the type of OLED.

But the screen of the second horizontal slides above the keyboard directly and the dimensions of the 32:9 type IPS allow the company ScreenPad Plus it is the same width as the distance of the keys on the board half the length.

Replaced ASUS a place to help touch your mouse, you’ll be by the keyboard instead of the bottom so as to exploit the space better to prevent than to have to measure the total out of the ordinary.

And Asus has some software on her computer to exploit the second screen better and even can be divided into two screens increase productivity, and, of course, can work as an extension of the company’s first key to view more content on them.

In terms of technical specifications and other the Fit comes with a processor Core i9 eight cores with a graphics card Nvidia RTX 2060 there are four microphones to use helpers like Cork and our.

Of hand ports support his Thunderbolt ™ port 3 two USB Type-A port, headphones audio and HDMI compared to full.

Did not disclose the ASUS from the date of the offer situation and the price of which won’t be cheap of course, so I also made a smaller version measuring 14 inches from him on behalf of the ZenBook Duo has screen, full-resolution, not 4K card graphics MX250.

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