ASUS unveils motherboard dedicated to digital currencies

أسوس تكشف عن لوحة أم مخصصة لتعدين العملات الرقمية

The company announced the ASUS for the motherboard ” H370 Mining Master Motherboard” high-potential very dedicated to the work of encrypted digital.

The company said that a new motherboard will support up to 20 processor graphics! Yeah, that’s right completely 20 handler within one panel. Where to mining digital currencies on the hardware increases the power consumption of the cards the screen or graphics processors which makes the devices available due to the enormous pressure on the processor, which is what made the company develop the plate for 20, processor with.

According to what appeared in the new painting the connection linking the processors will be via dedicated areas of the type of UBS rather than traditional outlets custom card screen or the radio, in the presence of 20 outlet on the circuit boards electronic printed in the motherboard.

The user can associate any number of graphics processors with the device, and will be able to track The status of all processors associated when operating the machine, as will appear a reference to the user for any of the ports are empty and which ones are working or not, which is what makes it able to determine the participation of the processors and its solution is fast and easy.

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