Asus ZenFone 6 confirms the trend of 2019

Asus is not the most popular Android manufacturer. The company never got to the list of companies with the best sales in the mobile market. Asus is generally somewhat detached from the racing serious players. While its market share the company must get, otherwise guys wouldn’t do this business. Asus quietly but confidently follows the trends. So, many users liked the new line of ZenFone 5, which is praised more for very high quality displays.

In ZenFone 5 was used by a small cutout in the display. The company follows the trends. That is why the appearance of ZenFone 6 should be the key. By the way, it looks as follows:

Located on the left ZenFone 6 and ZenFone 5Z right. After photos of this prototype of a doubt that in 2019 the market filled with similar devices we have.

Of the minuses I would note too wide frame at the bottom of the screen due to the lack of new technology COF (Chip on Film), which uses Huawei Honor 8X. Behind this prototype looks amazing. It is very similar to OnePlus 6.

In the Network appeared the image of two prototypes but they look not so advantageous:

Hope that Asus will reduce the frame from the bottom in the first prototype and take it as a basis.

As already mentioned earlier times, the year 2019 will be the most diverse, because the market will be at least 3 types of devices: with a cut in the display under the front camera, flexible smartphones and smartphones sliders by analogy with the Mi 3 MIX. The future course of fully flexible devices, which could emerge by 2025. But I think we shouldn’t hurry, because for a market even Galaxy X is still something new.

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