ASUSPRO B9 is the lightest laptop business in the world


If you do a lot of business while on the move, there is no doubt that you will get a laptop large and lightweight at the same time, especially if you get it all the time. If you are interested to get such a computer, then you are lucky because in the IFA 2019 currently held in the capital German Berlin, Asus slide the curtain officially about the laptop ASUSPRO B9, which the company claims it’s the lightest laptop business in the world.

It looks like it belongs to a special category, although it is at 880 grams, you must agree that this laptop is very light. With regard to the technical specifications, we look at the screen with a diameter of 14 inch in dimensions similar to the dimensions of the computers 13-inch regular, thanks to frame-slim, allowing the latter to cover 94% of the Interface Computer.

Called Asus they also have provided this laptop around X Intel Core processors, and up to 1 TB of memory storage SSD, which means that if you need a lot of memory to store your files, this computer will change your needs. It should be noted that the design of this laptop received a certificate of durability military MIL-STD 810G which means that it has some rigidity.

Unfortunately, there is currently no information about price or launch date, but we will continue watching the situation to bring this information to you when it becomes available.

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