At MIT create a battery that absorbs carbon dioxide

Carbon dioxide, one of the main waste production, can serve as fuel for the batteries of the new type. At least, so say experts at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), which engaged in creation of such a battery.

To date, for the purpose of cleaning the environment carbon dioxide break down into harmless components, but it really can be much more useful than we think. For example, power plants have filtration systems that use up to 30% of the received energy so as not to pollute the atmosphere. A group of scientists from MIT has found a way to force carbon dioxide to be active in the electrochemical conditions in the presence of a catalyst. The gas will be subjected to reactions which produce substances which can be used as fuel.

For a start, the expert group has studied the electrochemical reactions that occur in lithium-ion batteries, and then began to search the possible reactions of carbon dioxide with different electrolytes, which output would give the energy. Theoretical calculations confirmed the possibility of such reactions and scientists have even begun to develop a prototype plant for energy synthesis from carbon dioxide.

Despite the fact that the development currently exists only “on paper”, experts believe that they will develop a technology that will not only help to reduce the amount of gas emissions into the atmosphere, but will also give the opportunity to reduce energy loss.

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