At Pompeii was found a box of magical items. Who do they belong to?

In an article about the most dangerous places on the planet , we mentioned about the ancient Italian city of Pompeii, which was buried under the lava of Vesuvius. The eruption killed 16 000 people and under the hot rocks were hundreds of buildings — their remains were only discovered in 1748, in the course of archaeological excavations. Scientists are studying the city so far and was surprised to find some very interesting artifacts. For example, recently they managed to find the remains of the trunk, inside of which lay the magical items. The question arose: who they belonged to and been used?

Archaeologists are divided Pompeii into nine districts and periodically conduct excavations on each of them. After a long break, in 2018, scientists have continued the study of the fifth district (Regio V), where is the so-called “House with garden”. Inside this house were found the remains of ten people — it is assumed that they were members of the same family and was very wealthy residents of the city. At the moment scientists are trying to find out the relationship between the people. In addition, they also interested in another, more mysterious discovery.

Ritual objects in Pompeii

The fact that in a room of the rich house were found the remains of wooden boxes, in which were stored the items to perform magical rites. Due to the hot lava, which had penetrated even into the houses, from the box were only bronze hinges. But, rocks well-defended lying inside mirrors, necklaces, amulets in the shape of a penis, a figure in human form and various precious stones.

Ritual objects from the box

In that box was the property owners themselves, scientists do not believe, because there was not a single gold object, which is so like the rich. Most likely, it belonged to one of the maids that used the artifacts for the performance of magical rites. What were the aims of the rituals, a scholar is unlikely to know exactly — they can’t find and ask the owner? Therefore, it remains only to assume that the subjects used to attract good luck and good harvest.

Items for magical rites

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Who survived Pompeii?

Perhaps among found in the house of human remains is the body of the owner of the box. If scientists fail to find it, appear likely that she was able to escape from the legendary disaster. However, it is unlikely — during the eruption of Vesuvius formed a devastating cloud of stones, ash and fumes to a height of approximately 33 kilometers. In addition to the legendary city of Pompeii was destroyed and two other cities under the names of Herculaneum and Stabia.

Today Pompeii is a Museum under the open sky

The city of Pompeii covered by many mysteries and filmed dozens of films. One of the best feature films on the subject is considered “Pompeii” 2014. Fans documentary also recommend you to watch “Pompeii. Life frozen in time” in 2016, which tells about the archaeological excavations. If you know something else interesting about this major disaster — feel free to write in the comments or in our Telegram chat.

On our planet there are many mysterious places. However, more interesting than Pompeii, perhaps, can only be the city of Heraklion, which is currently under water. The archaeologists were able to excavate only 5% of the lost city, but they have a story to tell. For example, recently under water, was found the treasure ship.

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