At Porsche Design, too, hate the “Bang” of the smartphone Huawei

Today, many smartphones began to produce so-called “bangs” at the top of the screen. A small Bang came from Essential. Then Apple released the iPhone X, and away we go. Manufacturers stopped shy of this idea. But, apparently, some designers still hesitate to “Bang”. For example, Porsche Design her just hate.

New Porsche Design Huawei Mate RS created on the basis of Huawei P20 Pro , and virtually no different. The main difference, perhaps, is the absence of the aforementioned “Bang”. Huawei allows users to programmatically turn it off, so to speak, but for Porsche Design it was not enough. Why? Design Director of Porsche Design Christian Samcro in an interview to Digital Trends said the following:

“When I first saw the cut, I almost could not believe it. This is a worrisome sign from the point of view of design.

The image on the screen is rectangular or square with border line and the precise format of the frame. I like the symmetry. We didn’t want to make the cut, as we believe that it is a compromise.”

Many fans of smartphones are ready to agree with the opinion of the designer. The neck is indeed a compromise. However, Huawei P20 Pro remains the best in the smartphone. It is inferior to the Porsche Design Mate RS is that in the design.

Porsche Design put your eye to the Huawei as a manufacturer of good quality smartphones. Previously released smartphones BlackBerry Porsche Design, and now it is time for Huawei to sell high-priced smartphones with design solutions from the company with a world name.

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