At what age can a child have their own phone?

The decision about when to give your child his first smartphone or tablet is much more important than it might seem at first glance. Many parents today just give their child the device in order to watch it like cartoons and children’s content (which, actually, also have questions, but that’s another story). On the one hand, the use of modern technology is always good. On the other too early in the formation of dependence on gadgets can affect the child’s future.

However, the reliance on gadgets is not the only problem, which is to pay attention.


A number of studies show that about 50% of children have accounts in social networks to 12 years. There is no clear correlation between how much a sociable person online and in the real world. Studies do not confirm the reduction of the activity of communication in children. But this applies only to those children who have started to use smartphones at school age. Earlier the use of gadgets is still not recommended. As a rule, today the existence of mobile applications like Instagram or Facebook is an additional level of communication, without which communication with peers may not be complete.


Relatively young term that means, roughly speaking, bullying in social networks. According to surveys, around 28% of students reported that at some point were subjected to cyber-bullying. However, if you feel that depriving the child of the smartphone and social.networking you will save him from this danger, it is not so. The fact that “ordinary” bullying is also subjected to about 25-30% of the pupils. So much better to make contact with the child and build a relationship of trust that will allow him to talk about the problem without fear, prohibit anything.


It is difficult to overestimate the educational aspect of the Internet. Just two or three clicks separates us from any information. In this respect, the child certainly should be able to use search engines. Only here huge volumes of data pose a problem: there are a huge number of unverified sources that may give erroneous and even false knowledge. In this case, it is desirable to use only proven your own websites and various official portals and online libraries. But to teach the child, again, to a more or less conscious age.

So what to do?

In fact, in all the right sequence and do not need to rush from one extreme to another. For example, there are plenty of gadgets for kids that will allow them to learn the use of modern technology without additional risks. It’s like special children’s tablets or phones, and, for example, a smart watch for children 4-8 years, which will allow you to chat with multiple agents (i.e., parents and close family members), reducing the additional distractions and hazards.

Next, when the child enters school, you can buy him a cheap smartphone to communicate with family members and peers. So the period of the campaign of the child in the first or second class can be considered acceptable. What do you think? At what age can a child have their first smartphone? Let us know in the comments and in our chat in Telegram.

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