Atari reviewed the design of the new control units in the games for the VCS

Revealed Atari on the design for the new versions of joystick games joystick Atari VCS Classic Joystick for the games of the VCS, which is available at the end of 2019.

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Review the team of developers of the Atari VCS to the new version of the platform is a gaming console that comes with a new design during the financial period, and the new parade design versions of the new joystick a joystick is possible, where the Atari units to the new file main features that came out the previous version with some new features.

Also confirmed to Atari that the unit the joystick of the classic designed to conform better with the gaming experience and functions of CX40, with the feature of Bluetooth the new, and also a feature to call via USB, how come the Times that are available to the unit design, full digital, as well as includes the settings of the virtual D-pad.

Also come to control stick with a measure to support some games such as Pong, the وBreakout and also Night Driver, also come alone joystick with a switch in the lighting between the red to Orange.

It is possible the other team Atari VCS in the control stick of the classic button “fire” which features some changes so this version features joystick module right-the last at the corners of the unit for operation, also supports the user in the games with the fast clicking on the right or left side to design a more comfortable gaming experience.

On the other hand, was conducted after the updates on the console in the modern games of the VCS, which comes to the design closer to a lot of gaming console competing in the market, however the company confirmed the performance of force controller with a feature to call via Bluetooth and USB support games computers or mobile devices, as this version supports the feature to reset the functions of the buttons are fully in accordance with the user’s favorite.

Recall that the Atari VCS confirmed to ready the company to start mass production for the new versions of gaming consoles, with a view to its launch at the end of 2019.


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