Atmotube.. beware the air around you has become polluted

Have you ever wondered about the reason behind your headache, nausea, shortness of breath while you are at work? Or not happens a burning sensation your eyes with the crossing of this street in particular? And fear the day that this feeling is continuing to damage the health of permanent you and your family? And do you know that the cities of the world became abuzz with the pollutants and health became?!

Now you can control and not to stand idly hands in front of the contamination, the time came to succeed in the escape, using a small device the size of a fist, will the value of the ratio of air pollution real-time, alerting you about the quality of … your “step” Atmotube.

Besides measuring air pollution, measuring device of temperature and humidity to improve the quality of the ambient air accurately, and thus can know the poor ventilation system inside your house or your office or the headquarters of your business by respiratory diseases.

The device sends the results instantly on the smart application of its own is installed on phones and smart devices, will assume the app will alert you about the presence of contaminants dangerous than safe.

Successfully device step Atmotube in achieving the target amount of campaign funding on the site of crowdfunding indiegogo, the machine can be purchased through the website at a price of $ 79 (1,400 pounds).

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