AT&T accepts the cryptocurrency. Conversion will take BitPay

Telecommunications and media giant in the US AT&T now accepting bitcoins as payment of phone bills. This is stated in the official press release of the company. Cryptoplasm will be taken through the payment gateway BitPay is a popular platform, which converts the crypto currency into Fiat.

At the moment the company now has 20 thousand business entities. AT&T — the first American Corporation in the field of wireless networking, which started to cooperate with BitPay. As stated by Vice-President Kevin McDorman, “they have clients using the cryptocurrency”.

And we are happy to provide them with a way of paying bills more convenient method.

Recall that in late 2018 AT&T announced that it is working on a set of blockchain-compatible solutions with the Microsoft Azure and IBM Blockchain Platform. Then the main goal was identified as providing “more transparency and accountability for even the most complex supply chains”. It is necessary for institutional clients in the areas of manufacturing, retail and healthcare. In addition, the company is trying to patent the technology “the Chronicles of social networking”. It aims to gather data about transactions of subscribers to their services in social networks.

What else is famous AT&T cryptosuite?

In August last year, one of the customers sued the company to court for hacking his smartphone, the company informed. The victim of Bitangels co-founder Michael Turpin stole a total of $ 24 million. He suspects that this was only possible with the help of “the insider” from the staff.

In addition to stolen 24 million, Turpin also requested from the company compensation in the amount of an additional $ 200 million. In our cryptodata of hontarov there are still a lot of other useful information.

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