“Attention” is a button to subscribe to the new channel YouTube

"الاهتمام" هو زر الاشتراك الجديد لقنوات اليوتيوب

Days ago published a new video in my channel of education at YouTube, and fortunately I have seen more than 4 thousand people, you might respond how to be “good luck” while learning to channel more than 130 thousand subscribers, and may respond more when I tell you that the channel of my friend that make the content in the same folder, you get a video of her on the hundreds of views only, and in the best case up to two thousand watch, although the channel by 240 thousand in common?

Strange! Isn’t it?

In fact, it’s not uncommon especially for those following the path of changes that took place and on social networks in general, such innovations initiated by the network Facebook at the beginning of the command, followed by Toyota and now YouTube and it applies to the rest of the network, especially when you grow up and increases the number of its critics and the number of hours spent.

It’s a “content filtering”, the sorting task delivers for anyone who cares about, or any other label to express the content, you like as a user on Facebook, you have a large list of friends, and you have the biggest list of pages shared by them (admire them) but is up to you. all content published by them? Of course not. Up to you professional content, or content that you do care about, either happens that they are the algorithms of Facebook, which change occasionally.

Algorithms are invading the world

Similar algorithms but different platforms, those algorithms that came to improve the problem list, which is that you-as a user – is involved in a lot of channels and you have only a master page one time is limited, how do you see the nature of all the content coming from 500 or a thousand channel, if you’re subscribed to a few channels haven’t appeared those algorithms.

But the blame is not on you-as a viewer – but on the maker of the content-as a publisher – they take to deploy possible and useful, sometimes a lot; the weird and abnormal, in order to trigger your curiosity, rhythm, and start watching only and invites you the owner of TV channel and you have to buy your mask, and do the navigation button, and press to impress, and comment …. That demands that you hate to haunt you over and over again.

The most important element in the recommendation

When you go to the home page of YouTube, you’ll find a small top video’s (Recommended) at the bottom IS videos of different themes dependent algorithms it is of interest to you, and very little of the videos coming from the channel of the joint you are doing.

Let’s think about what we share of what it wants YouTube, not what we choose, in the channels because you need the content scheduled, you may be in your field or your specialty, you may be channels of educational benefit to develop some skills, but we simply did not provide us the system of recommendations.

A week ago I watched a video from the channel “Brave The Wilderness” specializing in wildlife, I was impressed with the video, entered the channel and watched another video and then a third, the next day I found that YouTube recommend me to another video of the inside of the channel content rich, even though I didn’t share, and actually succumbed to it name is tempting and attractive, and I watched.

Thus, videos that channel fill official page and column suggestions to the side, not because I suspected, but rather because I’m interested in its contents, and of course the algorithms are not its own ways to explore what matters to the user, via the viewing history and clicks on icons, and even the time it takes every time you see one of the videos.

If the Subscribe Button is no longer only a great trick to distract them YouTube is the owners of the channels, used as a means of encouragement and sends them Shields after shields to keep them to continue production, so that the viewer in the viewing, and the wheel ads in the rotation.

The most important element through which the algorithm identifies any videos choose to in the list of recommendations and displays them to users, is a real interest in the bombing as well as about the channel, the record you leave behind you of consultations and interaction with all video, regardless of the subscription in the channel or not, so this is of great importance.

A letter to the owners of the channels

Stop request repeatedly jointly in the channel, as you saw; this is no longer important, important is that you continue to publish content possible, to make the channel’s content material is well worth the time spent on it, to be content does not get tired of it, continuing to watch is to guide the attention, attention is the new button to subscribe to instead of the red button the old.

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