Audi and Huawei decides to cooperate with each other to develop the technology of self-driving


Fashionable these days to see companies specialized in the automotive industry working with tech companies big on the technology of self-driving increase the speed at which require this technology. Thus, it should be no surprise to see Audi decides to cooperate with Huawei on the technology of self-driving with. This partnership is mainly for car self-driving, which will be sold by Audi in China due to local laws.

China has made it mandatory for car manufacturers to foreign currency with the domestic companies if they want to manufacture cars in the country. While they relaxed the rules relating to the construction of factories to manufacture cars, they try to control by strict permits needed to test the technology of self-driving and licenses necessary for the work of digital maps for the expulsion of the country. These maps are crucial for the systems self-driving, this is the reason that companies such as BMW and Ford have decided to cooperate with the company Baidu.

I didn’t reveal companies Huawei and Audi about the terms of their contract. They just said that this will lead to cooperation in the field of self-driving cars. The integration of data centre Huawei Mobile Data Center in a preliminary version of the Audi Q7, which was presented to the public during the event Huawei Connect 2018.

It is estimated that the data center Huawei Mobile Data Center that contains many chips, artificial intelligence, LIDAR, cameras, Central Processing Unit, which is installed on the roof of the car. Will Huawei with Audi connect auto-enhance communication between them.



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