Audi brewing operations, car pooling e-tron GT fully using virtual reality

I started the Audi using virtual reality in the tests of the compilation of the Audi e-tron GT; the employees choose different sections of all assembly operations by default using the system of virtual reality modules to control.

Audi had developed at its headquarters program, virtual reality for this process specifically. This process on the procedures of the comprehensive survey produced a map of the Internal three-dimensional space of the virtual. This is the first time that you use this technique to test the processes of assembling the car e-tron GT in the position nearest.

For the first time, experience the Audi tests the workflow in the assembly line, processes and logistics associated with using virtual reality in the workshop of production preparation process. Used in the process of preparing production – in production – to verify the efficiency of operations.

In this paper, being the officials of planning in collaboration with colleagues in the Departments of operations, logistics, trade, and prototyping and quality assurance checking of all work steps and check of feasibility of planned operations; and the extent of the safety steps on the hand of human engineering; and the validity of modes of the equipment and other factors.

It is customary even now to experience such tests in the workshop working on prototypes for real. Marcus said Moy, president of operations and production planning in Neckarsulm: ” the e-tron GT is the first car from the Volkswagen Group not using the prototype real in the workshop production preparation process”.

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The workshop production preparation process the fruit of the continuous cooperation between the Department of planning assembly operations at the location Neckarsulm, and the Department of planning assembly operations in Ingolstadt, and the risks of Audi production. The team developed a laboratory Audi production program virtual reality in their headquarters to use the program for the first time in Neckarsulm within the layout of the production car the e-tron GT.

Pushes the adoption of the paper on the digital company in the way of digital control. From his part, commented Bernd Weidmann, head of Operations Planning aggregation at the site of Ingolstadt, said: “the use of digital technologies in the workshop work is logical, step consistent in the direction of further development of the methodology the process of preparation of production existing. As paper default facilitate good cooperation was very efficient and among the participants in the workshop from different locations. We fear that currently, between Ingolstadt and San Jose Chiapas in Mexico”.

The digital transformation of cooperation between teams and sites, in the resources, due to the number of business trips, for example. As such, these provide filtration a great opportunity for the Volkswagen Group in full. Concluded Marcus muito saying: “I’ve taken the Audi for the same position mathematically devising the methodology of virtual reality in the workshop of production preparation process”.

Operations include the survey overall is an essential element in the implementation of workshop production preparation process is actually the default; where the scanned three-dimensional sections of the production bulb full using the program letter and custom. Cooperates Audi with startup companies in Munich to design a virtual version of the production facility. The result will be at the highest levels of precision; so that they are measurements of the production cycles, for example the installation of cockpit special بسيارةR8 or e-tron GT, precision.

On the basis of this data, planning of production and the state of the equipment used. At the same time, results from the process of scanning the cloud bitmap can be used in the reconstruction of the equipment or infrastructure by default. Thus staff can Audi update their plan and layout their digitally, which saves time and money. Can form a mass in the position of Poland was another important step towards digital transformation.

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