Audi choose an electric car with charging technology binary direction


One of the reasons that was the motivation behind the creation of electric cars is helping to reduce the negative impact of fuel you are working with a traditional car on the environment. By integrating it with solar panels that can generate electrical energy to charge our electric vehicles, you get the scenario is promising, but the Audi leader in the auto industry now want to take another step forward with the shipping of the bilateral direction.

What this means is that electric cars coming from Audi in the future you will have the ability to work as a source of secondary power of some sort. For example, if you have a house equipped with solar panels, it is possible to then store the excess energy generated by solar panels this inside the battery pack of the car which can be used later to run your home or use it as a resource in case of power failure.

Can also be used as an extension of the energy grid by absorbing excess energy during non-peak periods, and then released back to the network for use during peak periods. In the simplest terms, this is like a sort of reverse charging on smart phones, where you can use the battery of your smartphone to help in the shipment of small items like wireless earbuds or even another smartphone instead of pulling extra power from the grid.

However, the Audi choose technology only, which means we’re not sure if it will be applied to such a system or when it will be implemented on the ground. However, it’s the other idea is interesting. we don’t mind seeing more of them in the future.

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