Audi plans to invest 16 million in self-driving and transport-receiving

أودي تخطط لاستثمار 16$ مليار في القيادة الذاتية وتقنيات النقل المستقبلة

The company announced the Audi on Tuesday announced its intention to invest 16 billion in the course of the development of transport receiving and techniques for autonomous driving and digital services in the period of five years until 2023, will reach spending budget of the company’s overall 45.6$ million during its five-year plan that will accommodate the budget of private properties and factories and manufacturing equipment for the Audi as well as develop plans for research and future planning.

And across the company’s chairman of the provisional Bram shot on the next as it carries a systematic approach towards means of implementation, the Electric which will be the focus more severe in the future, and stated that they pay attention to sustainable resources in order to back the services and products of the future attractive and linked to the requirements of the market.

Announcement comes as the company today complement previous steps taken by Audi to develop plans that are specific to its vehicles electrical are back for 2015 when the president of the company in the United States at the time that by the year 2025 will be a quarter of the cars sold by the company in the United States Electric to say the least.

The company said that by 2025 will have about 20 models of electric cars which will see the hybrid cars also will be 10 models of drive system with fully in the time you invest in the company in the employment of digital technologies in the context of its digital and its next to expand its business by providing digital services on-demand.

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