Audi to start shipping the e-tron in 2019 at a starting price of the 74,800 $

This theme Audi to start shipping the e-tron in 2019 at a starting price of the 74,800 $ appeared on Engadget.

The company announced the Audi for a luxury electric e-tron, which begins shipping in the second quarter of 2019 in the United States.


Officially unveiled the new version of Audi’s luxury electric, the conference was held in San Francisco today.

Come to the e-tron design tries to plan the company’s production of the Audi SUV, but with some of the nurses, and the new additions in the design.

In the design of the introduction to the e-tron offers: the Audi design web The your company’s brand, with a frame of a Platinum Gray.

It also comes in the introduction of the e-tron LED lights design italic, with four pillars DRL horizontal, which comes indicators to remind the user to charge the car.

Also added the Audi black color on the side of the car to remind the user the location of the battery, How come a car e-tron with LED background accompanied by conditions glittery tries to A7, A8, وQ8 to show to the user in the symbols of the battery.

Audi has also sought to add some details in the design of the car e-tron, to support the control of access to the higher speed and cut more miles.

The first of these details from Audi in the design of the e-tron, come in car tires 20 inch with resistance graded by 255/50, with interior design from the aluminum serves to protect the tire and reduce drag in the tires.

Also in the design of the frames come Points bolts fixed to create small eddies supports direct the air flow of the car.

Also featuring the e-tron system antenna info works to adapt the vehicle speed and driving to reduce speed.

Standard Quattro Drive in the car e-tron

Put the Audi engine in its famous Quattro as standard in the design of the car e-tron, where the vehicle offers two engine ASM asynchronous.

Also so far did not reveal Audi is careful about torque, and horsepower control e-tron, except that the projections indicate numbers closer for car SUV, where the last torque from 0-60 mph in 5.5 seconds, and reaches a speed of 124 mph.

e-tron works in normal driving preference of the engine back to improve efficiency in driving moderately fast, and the rear engine the same technique quattro possible in a political system of four-wheel drive SUV gas-powered, where it works automatically to predict the decrease control of the car.

e-tron is also working on the balance between the front and rear selectively distributing torque in the car, and the possibility of enabling the brake to the right and left for a short time, to ensure e-tron control frames at maximum power.

As the car comes with 4 stages of electronic control, with two modes ad hoc off-road and sports, where it can be stopped entirely.

Audi also offers 7 modes optional in the command, where the user can choose the situation of your off-highway for example, to filter the way by 1.4-Inch, which can be increased also by 0.6 inch when you choose to put Raise.


The battery term in the context of the e-tron

Support the Audi e-tron with a battery capacity of 95 kWh, with volts 396, with 36 the unit cell, where each unit has a 12 cell offering with a distinctive model in a box of aluminum.

As the scope of shipping networks in the United States thanks to the support of Electify America, where it is expected to be available in the United States by May 2019, more than 500 recharge center, to be available in the day center, charge every 70 miles.

Also expected to support the shipper 350 kW to support the users of the e-tron Charging more speed, Audi is also providing project car e-tron balance 1000 kWh to support the car driving up to 2000 miles.

Also supports the Audi e-tron quick-charge up to 150 kW DC, where the car can reach 80 percent charge in just 30 minutes.

Put back the power in a car e-tron

Working Cars Audi electric as energy, where it can move brake force to the energy extends to the public domain of the car.

When restoring power in a car e-tron, can save up to 30% of the term of the Policy e-tron through the recovery of energy, where you start feeding the battery power again when you lift foot off brake the car.

Also when you press on the brakes of a new car e-torn on the choice of auto mode refund or brake material.

Can to choose the first that supports the user in taking quick action 90 % of the reason to compress the servo control, and also provide e-tron three levels to put the recovered energy.


Interior design for car e-tron

Sure Audi offers the luxury design of the cabin interior in the car, with the smart technique to show the side cameras that work as gifts for the car, how come the dashboard design with full overlap in the doors also.

Also the car comes issue Modern of digital devices, with display Independent, the system MMI with touchpad, works to separate the information into two screens is possible with Touch.

The size of the first screen is 10.1 inch in the system, providing information on MMORPG, and navigation, with special settings car e-tron.

While comes other screen size, 8.6 inch, for used in HVAC the introduction of texts.

The car is also working with smart to enhance the acoustics, with the processing of cloud-supported LTE networks or contact point WiFi.

As the support system of the navigation system in the context of the system predicts the methods according to the flight previous to the commander of the car, also works for the navigation system to adjust the tracks according to the shipping terms, with the expense of shipping time with the accounts of ETA.

In the middle of the cockpit provide the Audi website charging the phone with the deposition of floating is small, as there is an option in the skin of the car of Valcona and natural wood.

Car e-tron features a moon roof glass, with the air conditioning system with automatic in the four sides of the car, with the possibility of choosing the quality of ventilation between the ionization and aromatization.

The user can also get the seats space front include cooling and heating, also the car comes with a set of LED lights adjustable and customization.

In sound system Audi offers the 705 watt Bang with the audio system Olufsen Premium three-dimensional.

Technology car e-tron the nearest car self-driving

Support the Audi e-torn latest versions of Assistant virtual leader vehicle, with the new system of protection, works to respond to automatic for traffic information, route guidance, to the side of the border special temporary repairs of the road or construction.

Works assistant to the commander of the car to adjust vehicle speed automatically according to choose the best to manage the battery.

Adjust the speed in the Circular Road, a roundabout to the back, with the support of the commander of the car led a balanced way possible more than a lane, with the possibility to steer the car in the designated places to stand.


The price of the Policy e-torn and start shipping

Come Audi e-tron in the United States market at a price or, as added of US $ 995, and the model Premium Plus control, which comes size frames 20 inch, with the assistant of the Audi system alerts during the navigation and in the traffic signals.

How come this model in sound system operations B&O with 16 speakers sound, and the 12-position seats include cooling and heating, also available another model with a tire size of 19 inches, where it begins shipping to the United States in the second quarter of 2019.

Model e-tron Prestige comes at a price at 81,800 USD, with the possibility to add or, to get the other features, is set to launch the Audi in the first phase of the 999 car, where the company started already in the open system receiving reservation requests for the car.


This theme Audi to start shipping the e-tron in 2019 at a starting price of the 74,800 $ appeared on Engadget.

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