Augmented reality can change your behavior in the real world

Found a new study from the College of Humanities and Sciences at Stanford to augmented reality (AR) significantly affects the behavior of people in the real world, even after the removal of the glasses that allows people to get to experience the augmented reality.

The participation of 218 watch they wear augmented reality glasses, the researchers in the College of Humanities and Sciences at Stanford, led by Professor Jeremy Beilinson two trials to measure the impact of glasses and technology on the behavior of the participants.

Experience has shown the first personally hypothetically named Chris sitting on the actual chairs in the room (it appears in system control only), participants were required to complete some tasks while wearing the system and availability of Chris like a real person present in the room, and they felt that someone close to them watching them.

Focused trade second whether the participants would sit on the chair that was sitting on Chris in the past. Although it is no longer available, I didn’t bring any of the participants while wearing the glasses in this chair. And without wearing glasses, still 72% of the participants avoided the chair Chris sat in the chairs next to it, which is interesting how people avoid the ball during the wearing of hygiene!

Professor Jeremy Beilinson said that augmented reality technology can change the place you walk, and how your performance of the tasks, and how to communicate socially with individuals two other people in the same room.

Source: Stanford

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