Augmented reality nobody wants

There is such a thing unusual, called “Augmented reality” and its struggling new York Apple. Puts on the technology of fruit Corporation, definitely, very much and with which the generation of its powerful mobile device attempts to move AR to the masses. Apple is trying from time to time to explain and to demonstrate why we need this technology, but it turns out that something not so.

Somehow there is the impression that “Augmented reality” according to Apple is needed mainly for entertainment, but rather for games. In fact, it turns out: you buy a new iPhone or iPad to a more powerful and hardware is newer pumped from the app store, and all sorts of games and programs using the AR, run a few games once and for a few minutes, maybe show all the action friends and it was the end. Throw off, throw out of your head thinking, remaining after the presentation of Apple, that AR thing fit, and learn rather that it is a toy that you played long, and was removed far away until better times (until someone shows why it’s really necessary).

So, Google recently tried to show why it can be used such questionable from the point of view of productivity and fitness in daily life, technology, presenting a special regime in their own cards. Enabling AR mode in Google maps, and point the camera at any objects the middle of the street, we see signs specifying the direction of further movement on the desired route.

Also, pointing to a cafe where you agreed to meet up with friends, you can see how many friends are already gathered there, and who has not yet come. It’s not much, but felt the usefulness in everyday use. Stone in the garden these useful functions threw not gaining in volume over time mobile battery. Don’t want the phone battery died in a matter of hours, using AR in limited quantities. About this misunderstanding, we wrote the material, which can be found here.

But no matter how hard Google to develop Augmented reality in the right direction, she’s looking for other players on the market AR relies on the use of this technology for the sake of entertainment. Thus, the company is the only search engine in the last two weeks has released two updated package Playmoji. Playmoji is all sorts of funny animated 3D characters and labels are projected through the camera of your smartphone to real objects surrounding the user. The question is: “that someone is using? And if so, how many people?”. To answer these questions on the resource Android Authority and conducted a survey, the results of which are shown in the chart below.

According to this schedule and according to the reviews of users who participated in the survey to use AR for the sake of entertainment, they are ready only the first time after the release of the pack with new characters. Then about this unusual stop many quickly forget. This is not surprising, in my opinion, because the technology of “Virtual reality”, though is also still in question, but it is more easy to understand from the point of view of the common man. Lying at home and looking calmly VR content of different kinds, but you can play VR games. But to walk down the street with outstretched arms, holding a smartphone, it expanded the world around, nobody is ready.

According to rumors, Google is working to move their AR platform Playground other phones Android, and the statistics on the chart above makes me think that the company’s efforts may be in vain.

What do you think about this? Is the game worth the candle and whether the company advancing the development of the technology “Augmented reality” in the future success?

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