Augmented reality will help in the Assembly of furniture

Augmented reality technology, whose practical use had been proven many times, can soon become an integral part of our lives. It proved developed by Adam Pickard, the author of the app AssembleAR, clearly showing all the stages of Assembly of furniture from IKEA.

Despite the fact that IKEA instructions are made up of extremely competent, often people find it difficult to cope with the Assembly of furniture, says Pickard. Thanks to animated guide AssembleAR to collect the scattered details together it will be possible even without the help of professionals.

Below the Assembly process is smooth and effortless, you must start AssembleAR on the device, scan the bar code on the product packaging. After that, the application finds the item in its database and displays the animated manual, commenting on each subsequent step.

While the application exists only in the form of ideas whose implementation is not guaranteed. However, given the potential AssembleAR and almost limitless possibilities ARKit, there is every chance that members will be interested in the IKEA concept and bring it to life.

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