Auralux: war of the worlds

Auralux is a strategy where the objective is to capture planets. There’re a few cards, each one with different number of free and controlled by the players planets. For the actions of other players meets computer, and the difficulty lies in the fact that you are not playing against one player but several that, together, can attack your planet.

Of course, with the same success you can at the same time with the enemy attacking the planet of another player, but here the main thing — time to act. As for graphics, it is interesting, units glow as the planets themselves. And the glow matches the beat of the background music.

In Google Play there is also a second part of the game where the developers have implemented a variety of levels and 3D graphics. But we decided to start with the first part, to logically continue the study of the second part in the future.

In Auralux you can not only capture an empty or enemy planet, but also to improve their own way of accumulation units inside the planet. And each of the players chooses his tactics. Someone can spend units to capture empty planets, and someone can maximize current. In General, you will enjoy the game, it’s really addictive.

Application: Auralux
Developer: War Drum Studios
Category: Puzzle
Version: 1.85
Price: Free
Download: Google Play

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