Automator: How to combine several images into a single file on macOS?

Continue to develop the capabilities of Automator. In the example of this article we will explain how you can add all your images or scanned documents to PDF file. Automating this operation, you can greatly save your time.

  1. Open the program “Automator” in any convenient way.
  2. Select the document type “Process”.
  3. Directly in the library, you must specify the “Files and folders”.
  4. You see a set of options in the adjacent column. We find there is “to Obtain these objects Finder” and add in the right part of the application.
  5. Next, select “PDF files” and put the option “Create a PDF from images” to the right side of the program.
  6. Configuring the settings for themselves, putting the output PDF filename and methods of image processing.
  7. Now we have to select the image file using “Add”.
  8. We start the process. Depending on the settings, the file appears in the specified folder. You’re done!

To when re-use is not to perform all the steps again, maintain our process under any name. Now, if necessary, you can always use them.

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