Automator: Sending emails on schedule

Many users do not realize what a vast possibilities provides such a powerful tool like Automator. At first glance, the program is quite complex to learn, but understand, you can see that the control is pretty intuitive and clear. Today we tell about the service, which will allow you to schedule sending emails with specific content on a particular date.

Unfortunately, the built-in email client under macOS does not have a feature that would allow users to schedule sending emails. But there is a way — and again to us will come the well-known program for automation of actions.

  • Run the Automator app. This can be done through Spotlight, or in any other convenient way;
  • In the opened window select “New document”, specifying the section “Notification calendar”;
  • Now we need to find a process “to Obtain these objects Finder”. For this we can use search;
  • Add the process in the right part of the application;

  • Referring again to the search and drag the action “New mail message” in the right part of the program;
  • Now we need to specify recipients, define the subject and content of the letter. If desired, you can attach individual files as attachments. For this you need to move the process “to Attach the file to sent message”;
  • We need to re-use search. Find the “outgoing messages”

  • All that’s left is to save the script. For convenience, the service can be called “Email schedule”.

  • This will open the Calendar. Here we will be able to determine the date and time the letter is sent, and the frequency of repetitions. However, before that, you must give the app permission to do.

You’re done! At the appointed time, a letter will be sent to you automatically, without your direct involvement.

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