AutoX launches RoboTaxi in Shanghai

Announced the company (AutoX) emerging vehicles independent from all public service of taxis and self-driving named (RoboTaxi) in Shanghai today.

And need service (AutoX) suitable (Didi), the big house in China for transportation services participatory, which launched its pilot taxiing the mechanism in Shanghai at the end of June.

Service is available (RoboTaxis) of (AutoX) for the first time in Jiading district, with a fleet of 100 vehicles, and the company has plans to build a service (robotaxi) in Europe.

Excursions can be booked through (AutoNavi), application maps and book the flights owned by Alibaba (Alibaba), one of the investors in the startup.

Frozen (AutoX), which is headquartered in Shenzhen, about $ 100 million last year from supporters, among them (Dongfeng Motor), one of the major car manufacturing companies in China, and Alibaba Group, the Fund (Plug and Play) Chinese.

Competing service (RoboTaxis) with the experience of taxi, self-driving company (Didi), which also operates in Jiading district, an area in the suburbs of major fairly close to the center of Shanghai, but it is less crowded.

The launch of the service (Didi) a few weeks after the company’s announcement that it has collected $ 500 million from investors, including SoftBank (SoftBank), and for new branch of independent driving.

The goal is ambitious buy (Didi) in the publication of more than a million vehicles, self driving by the year 2030.

And compete both (AutoX) and (Didi) against a list of taxi services are independent of the areas of two Chinese, such as the ( and (Baidu) and (WeRide).

He has published all the competitors services taxi independent in different cities, while the focus of other companies, such as (Momenta), on the construction programmes for the taxi self-driving partners, which may allow the release of more taxi fleets mechanism.

The offer (Momenta) in part to state support, because the Chinese government has established many funds the major industries, including self-driving, the fifth generation artificial intelligence, where you are trying to offset the economic impact of MERS-CoV.

Company owns (AutoX) a fleet of taxis mechanism in Nanshan district in Shenzhen, which gives them experience in relation to mobility independent in an urban area densely populated.

And (AutoX) is currently the second company, and only focused on China, which got the permit for the mechanism of self-driving in California, along with (Waymo) and (Nuro).

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