Ava Lockscreen new app replaces the lock screen of your Android phone

Continuation of the submission of new applications and useful for all users, with us for the day one of the new applications which carry the name of Ava Lockscreen, and of course when you get the app it is a pure word, where we experience deep, generally in relation to important application is tracking traffic in to make it an alternative for the lock screen on your Android device, here are its features main:

Where with it you will get the best features of the lock screen currently available operating systems for Android and iOS, most notably the verification of the notifications and deal with them is extremely simple, as well as the scrolling “gesture” to get access to your favorite tools, as well as the process of customizing the style of notifications and the background and shortcuts.

Not only this, but there is a feature compilation of notifications, smart, and even feature direct reply from the lock screen, to get the best experience possible from the lock screen of your Android, as the app also supports lock screen via your fingerprint, of course, if your device supports this sensor, although there wasn’t the support you need to use PIN or pattern of the Decree.

One of the features of the application Ava Lockscreen other, the support for animated backgrounds, backgrounds, live, and Support to choose the theme “theme” that you like, there is a tool widget on the lock screen, unlike most of the other apps do not include app any permissions not related to the internet, so your data is reserved and very safe.

Finally the application of Ava Lockscreen is available to download for free from the store Google Play, with the support of these women for the ads, and of them purchase the full version of the app and enjoy all the advantages of full.

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