Available Galaxy S10 will be better at everything iPhone XR

Conventionally available modification Galaxy S10 will indeed be equipped with a flat display with a diagonal of 5.8 inches. About it writes business Korean newspaper ETNews, citing sources in the supply chain. Despite more simple construction of the display, according to the interlocutors ETNews, Samsung is not going to skimp on quality, planning to use in the production of future unit matrix of the last generation, the quality will be even better than that of the Galaxy S9 and S9+.

According ETNews, display, which Samsung will equip the Galaxy S10, is marked M9. It is an indication of the next generation of panels, which not only has higher energy efficiency than the M8, but also offers a higher brightness and contrast. Production Samsung will deal with the participation of leading U.S. companies Dow Chemical and Japanese Nippon Steel.

What will be available Galaxy S10

According to rumors, next year Samsung is going to introduce not two, but three versions of the flagship Galaxy S10. Thus, the manufacturer hopes to spur sales, bringing its mobile division from stagnation. And for this to happen for sure, Koreans will do anything to attract attention to the new product. For example, the model will receive a minimum of two cameras instead of one, like the iPhone XR, as well as high-resolution display without a hint of graininess.

If you believe the information from open sources, two model Galaxy S10 of the three will have the same screen size, equal to 5.8 inches, and the third, the eldest will receive a 6.2-inch panel. It is not excluded that the enlarged display will be insufficient to demonstrate the belonging of the device to the top-end segment, but because Samsung will complement its four cameras and a larger battery. The retail price of the flagship in this case is unlikely to be lower than the base iPhone XS Max.

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