Available now an early version of the game Sky: Children of the Light projected on the Android

Sky: Children of the Light and the coming of the team Thatgamecompany, which is the same team behind a wide range of games that impressed everyone like Journey and Flower and Flow. At the station earlier to us, we pointed out to them that the game Sky: Children of the Light have become available officially on iOS, which has also been made available for download prior to the Android system.

يتوفّر الآن إصدار مُبكر للعبة Sky: Children of the Light المنتظرة على أندرويدAvailable now an early version of the game Sky: Childrenof theLight expected on Android

Today, the availability of a demo version of the first game listed on the Google Play Store for Android users, therefore, this copy is a copy of Early Access and is not related to the version of official, which will come soon later.

In other words, in the case of the launch of the official version of the game on the Google Play Store, you can remove this version from your phone.

Anyway, in regards to game Sky: Children of the Light, they are somewhat similar in a Other Journey.

Where players explore a beautiful world in an attempt to discover the story told by the game meditative depend on the puzzle.

Unlike the game Journey, the game Sky the new has been designed to focus more on the beauty of multiple players.

Where with this game players can easily collaborate with friends and strangers to travel across the world together to solve many of the mysteries of the game. And every player will be free to journey through the world of three-dimensional.

And of course there is support to play the inspector, but on the present cooperation of friends, the fact that there is a group hidden secrets to be discovered with.

As for the pricing game on the Android system, there is no word or statement from the developer about this matter.

But for the game version of the operating system iOS, and we find it available to download for free, with included operations, purchasing many of which up to$ 50 sometimes.

Finally, more worthy of note that this version is not available in general for everyone, so you and your luck in its support for your region with also.

Download game Sky: Children of the Light on Android.

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