Available now coming Samsung phone rollaway in the month of December next

Galaxy s8+

There have been many rumors about Samsung phone rollaway but I have not had even one yet. Despite the fact that companies like ZTE has already brought this concept to reality, the company Samsung has not yet launched its smartphone folding. However, in the case if the report that we got today are true, it seems that it will not be detected on phone Samsung folding until late this year.

Rumors about Samsung phone rollaway was making its way to the internet a few years ago, has appeared also numerous patents which indicate that Samsung is really interested in this kind of smart phones. Moreover, it has assured us the head of Department of mobile devices at Samsung, Mr. Koh Dong-jin in September last year that his company will be launching its smartphone folding in the first half of the year 2018 without providing any additional information about this device at that time, but revealed to us that have such a product which is under development.

The report issued today from South Korea suggests that Samsung will be able to launch her smart phone rollaway in the month of December or maybe early next year. And, apparently, it is because the screens are foldable, which will be used in this phone which is unlikely to come into production by September next. The device itself is not expected to enter production until November of this year.

It is estimated that Samsung’s folding will have a flexible OLED screen size of 7.3 inches, which allows users to use this device such as a smartphone or as a tablet folding. Needless to say, the company Samsung has yet to confirm this new time frame until now, so it is best to deal with the content of this report with the least amount of protection and credibility.


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