Avengers: Endgame achieves record global revenues of cinema

مهرجان الجوال في سوق السعودية

فيلم Avengers: Endgame يحقق رقم قياسي عالمي في ايرادات السينماAvengers: Endgame achieves record global revenues of cinema

Smash movie ”The Avengers: the game end“ (Avengers: West End C) the income standard to the ticket window at the global level after to achieve $ 1.2 million until Sunday as she said The Walt Disney Company, which distributed the film.

Film grossed record Revenue in the United States and Canada, the largest global market for films, cinematic, amounted to $ 350 million. Es total achieved by the film analysts ‘ estimates and the previous record that he recorded a year before the movie ”Avengers: Infinite War“ (Avengers: Infinite War) amounted to 257.7 million.

Disney said the (end C) also scored record figures at the beginning of the week in China, Brazil, France, and more than 30 markets.

Processing of Ramadan in the Saudi Arabia market

And the duration of the war movie of three hours which is the last part of the film series of the production studios Marvel since 2007. The film deals with the characters of the comic books the superhero is popular as Iron Man and Halo and Thor is fighting a battle against the evil super secondary.

The film starring Robert Downey Jr. and Chris here and Scarlett Johansson and directed by the brothers Russo.

And the end of the week Historical that put Disney on the road to achieving what he describes analysts that it may be a year like no other. The company is based to view ”the Lion King“ (The Lion King) and“the fourth part of the Toy Story“ (Toy Story 4) and a number of other films that are likely to achieve a huge success during the coming months.Said Kathleen Taft president of distribution at Disney, said that the public ”has demonstrated a new interest in these characters“.

”I think they want to know how to get that epic story itself.“Proved movie (end C) that the phenomenon of the culture of the world.

She urged pointing at one of the Stations of the London Underground passengers not to talk about the film’s plot so as not to spoil it for others according to the image posted by Bob Eger, CEO of Disney on Twitter.

Push some movie lovers in China more than 500 yuan or 74.14 dollars for a ticket (West End C) in the informal market which is much more than the average ticket price at theaters in all over China, which is 60 yuan.

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